Be What You Want

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” is one of the quintessential questions kids are asked (and ask of themselves). Often the answer is “I don’t know,” or the answer changes every time the question is asked. The BE WANT YOU WANT series helps kids explore a variety of possible pursuits and passions that can be an interesting pastime or even turn into a career. Through the series, kids will discover who the leaders and up-and-comers are in the field, what it takes to be in that field, where to go to find further resources and information, and how to get started right now.

Each title in the series follows a basic 12-chapter format—-sprinkled throughout with spotlights of important industry professionals and young people just getting started:

  • Chapter 1: Getting familiar with the field
  • Chapter 2: Tools of the trade/how do you get started?
  • Chapter 3: Structure of the trade (genres, specialties, tips and tricks)
  • Chapters 4–9: Exercises and practice, including a more detailed breakdown of the field
  • Chapter 10: Career options/how to become a professional
  • Chapter 11: Industry resources
  • Chapter 12: Glossary of industry terms

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