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Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Movie

8 Results

Flint and Friends!
Adapted by: Cordelia Evans
Illustrated by: Andre Medina
Trade Paperback
Snack Attack!
Author: Natalie Shaw
Illustrated by: Style Guide
Trade Paperback
Flint Lockwood Saves the World . . . Again!
Adapted by: Maggie Testa
Illustrated by: Aaron Spurgeon
Trade Paperback
Meet the Folks!
Author: Tina Gallo
Illustrated by: MADA Design Hall
Trade Paperback
Illustrated by: Pete Oswald
Trade Paperback
The Tasty Tale of Chewandswallow
Author: Rick Barba
Illustrated by: Justin Thompson, Pete Oswald, and Andy Bialk
Trade Paperback



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